man on mobile and laptop - The 3 Most Trusted Gambling Websites for Football Bettors

Sports can be very exciting to watch, but adding some bets can turn even a dull match into an interesting event. Visit these sportsbooks sites if you want a reliable way to start betting.

Mybookie.Ag Sportsbook

A new option for online betting, with the practicality that has drawn the attention of bettors worldwide. Their wager limits are modest, ranging from 500$ to 1000$ during the Superbowl, and it is a perfect place for NFL betting beginners with one of the best rollover rates at 15x for the first time making a deposit. They have many options and you can even bet live.

man computer - The 3 Most Trusted Gambling Websites for Football Bettors

It has wonderful options for quick payouts, bonuses and some of the uncommon wager options, making it a reliable mid-term sportsbook to place your NFL bets.

Gtbets.Eu Sportsbook

With an excellent reputation among players and marvelous sign-up bonuses, GTbets has become an excellent betting option for NFL bettors, with over ten years of satisfied clients been benefited by them in many ways.

This sportsbook has relatively low limits, down to 1000$ at totals and money lines, which accommodates new bettors that aren’t likely to start betting large sums quickly, but still, have the option to grow bigger and move to another website. The start off bonus is so rich at 10x rollover, by itself a reason to start betting on GTbets, given that even if you stop the next day, you will have received your money’s worth and then some.

dollar money - The 3 Most Trusted Gambling Websites for Football Bettors

Their teaser odds are advantageous since at+180 they offer three teams, six-point teasers, they also have great options for baseball and basketball, making them a well-rounded sportsbook.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada entered the hearts of American bettors through their poker options, and after proving their reliability over most other online sportsbooks they became a nation-wide favorite.

Albeit not the perfect site for big bettors, is perfect for those looking to have fun with the wagers without investing big sums. Their limits are low, down to 500$ for live bets and up to just 10,000$ on NFL sides, which provides the perfect field for mid-stakes bettors.

money and wallet - The 3 Most Trusted Gambling Websites for Football Bettors

Their sign up bonus is of 3x rollover, and they favor more popular options like backing up the underdogs, especially on the NFL wagers. They also offer great value for wrong teasers and many more options for NFL betting.

Here you have them, the three biggest and most reliable online sportsbooks so you can turn your passion into money! Enjoy the game.

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