rugby players - 4 Major Tips to Know When Betting on Rugby Teams

Rugby is one of the most physically demanding sports, and although it isn’t one of the most watched sports in the world it’s popular in certain countries such as New Zealand. If you’re a fan or just interested in this sport, especially to bet, here we leave you some tips that will be very useful:


In all types of bets, there are always the favorite teams, those that have more advantages in winning, when you’re going to bet in their favor and in case of winning, the gains will be much lower. And it’s logical because in any game you expect a winner and a loser and rugby isn’t the exception.

But don’t let yourself get carried away by the odds and favoritism because sometimes there are teams that can give surprises and turn around a result that ends up being a loss for you.

You Must Investigate

Before making a bet, especially if you haven’t consistently followed the Rugby matches, you should investigate the development of the teams during the current season. In this way you’ll get a better idea of who is performing better as well as being aware of any cases of injuries or suspensions that will affect the odds of that team to win.

Short Probabilities

There is a very popular strategy in the world of rugby betting that’s called short odds, which means, they’re teams that are favorites and are usually the ones that receive more bets in favor. That’s why you choose to bet a big amount of money because there is more than 50% they can earn, and thus be able to have a much higher profit in case of a positive result.

play rugby - 4 Major Tips to Know When Betting on Rugby Teams

Obviously these bets like any other also have their risk factor. Because it’s a strategy that has been known to fail from time to time because in the sports everything is unpredictable and even the best teams in the world have been defeated by teams of inferior position. And it would mean a great loss because they’re great amounts of money from your capital in order to have good profits.

Long Odds

This is another strategy that’s applied by making small bets between any team. Normally it’s applied when local teams of the same city play, where they have almost the same probability of winning because they have the location and the support of their fans in their favor.

Because in some bets the local team is the one who takes more advantage, independently of the development they have had in other matches. And since there is no certainty of who the winning team can be, a smaller amount of money is bet so there is no big risk in case of any loss.

It’s also important to make clear that obviously none of these bets are guaranteed to win something regardless of the result and being a bet not so common in the sports world, the profits aren’t as high and also depending on the team you choose to bet.

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