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Hello everyone, my name is Jamarion Reyna, I’m 28 years old and an also a big fan of sports. Since I was a kid I have been a follower of different sports, from soccer, golf, baseball, rugby, and many more. And it’s a passion I still have.

It’s something that went from being a hobby to be practically part of my day as a job, with the creation of the website RL 1908. A place where you can find all the information on some sports.

We also work as an online betting center where you can make many types of bets about the National Football League (NFL) and the Major League Rugby (MLR).

American football is one of the most followed sports in the United States. Even the Super Bowl has become one of the most important events not only nationally, even internationally. Regardless of the stadium where the final takes place, it will be filled with thousands of fans cheering for their team and tailgating at the parking lot.

Rugby also has a lot of fans worldwide, and in the United States is a well-known sport with its own national team and league.

That’s why our website guarantees that you have the best sports information and your perfect place where you can bet with confidence on your favorite team.